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Free Skin and Cosmetic Consultations in Bournemouth with Sallyann

Sallyann facial aesthetics offer all patients, new or existing, free professional, no obligation consultations. Sallyann can advise over the phone, but generally it is easier to give much more accurate advice face to face. Everyone’s needs and objectives for seeking our procedures are different. At your consultation Sallyann will discuss your own specific desires and budget to ensure you receive a unique and personalised course of treatment tailored to you.
  • All consultations and treatments are with Sallyann – no seeing different practitioners each time
  • Sallyann has been treating patients for over 8 years, this is her passion and what she does everyday. She is fully qualified and insured.
  • Post 2-3 weeks after care, checks and top ups offered for all treatments.
  • No impersonal waiting in reception areas, just privacy and complete confidentiality
  • Sallyann will visit you in Bournemouth & surrounding areas.

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